Chemical Dependency Counselor CCDC Exam Prep - Question List

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A seventeen year old girl is arrested for possession. She denies using drugs saying she was given some just before arrested. She is pregnant. Recently the procedure has been to jail pregnant chemical abusers until delivery to protect the unborn child. As this is the child's first arrest the judge is reluctant to do that. As your treatment center provides education to that precinct your center was called. What course would you advise?

  1. Administer the TWEAK and give the results to the judge to decide.
  2. Administer the TWEAK, interview the adolescence and parents to determine the extent of the drug usage. Recommend appropriate treatment outside of jail if the interview and assessment indicates a beginning drug dependency and one is available that is bette
  3. Do your best to persuade the judge to keep the adolescent in jail until delivery as releasing her would put the child at risk.
  4. Talk to the parents about begging the judge to refer the adolescent to your treatment center as you treat adolescents and have a good program.
2. A client disclosed the behavior before coming into treatment during which he had started masturbating while watching his teenage girl bath through a peephole. During which category would that disorder fall into? Choose those that apply.
  1. Substance Use Disorder.
  2. Substance Induced Disorder.
  3. Substance Abuse Delirium.
  4. Substance Dependence.

Some of the Cluster B personality disorders in the DSM-5 code often co-occur with substance abuse. Which statements explain the importance of being familiar these disorders? Choose those that apply.

  1. This knowledge is needed to complete and interpret a comprehensive diagnostic impression of a client.
  2. The counselor needs to be able to recognize disorders that might interfere with the course of treatment in order to know how best to deal with it.
  3. It is not your concern; your concern is the course of a client's substance abuse treatment.
  4. It is important to be able to describe these orders in detail to the client so that the client can correct it.
4. If an adolescent entering treatment has a history of multidrug usage what step should be take?
  1. The client should be placed in an area where staff is present.
  2. Friends should be contacted to give him support.
  3. The client should be put in a padded room and the door locked.
5. What is the proper diagnosis for anxiety that is a direct consequence of drugs?
  1. Substance-induced anxiety disorder.
  2. Mental Retardation.
  3. Substance abuse.
  4. Substance dependence.

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