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Veterinary Technician Exam Practice Questions

1 The anesthetic process can be divided into several steps. Which of the following demonstrates the desirable effect of the pre-medicating step in the anesthetic patient?
  1. Reduces patient stress and anxiety
  2. Saves the veterinarian time in surgery
  3. Prolongs the action of the induction agent
  4. All of the above
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2 In considering the timing of the administration of the pre-anesthetic meditation, which of the following represents the ideal interval between pre-sedation and induction?
  1. 15-20 minutes, if administered subcutaneously
  2. 30-45 minutes, if administered subcutaneously
  3. 45-60 minutes if administer intravenously
  4. 30-45 minutes if administered intramuscularly
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5 Technician Sally is hyperventilating an anesthetized patient because the patient was hypoventilating and became light. Sally’s rebreathing bag has gone flaccid and needs additional oxygen and inhalant anesthetic so she can continue IPPV and return the patient back to an appropriate plane of anesthesia. Should Sally depress the flush valve to fill her rebreathing bag?
  1. Yes, this is the fastest way to fill her rebreathing bag so she can continue IPPV.
  2. No, the flush valve allows oxygen to flow at a higher pressure directly into the rebreathing bag and into the breathing circuit which could cause trauma to the patient.
  3. Yes, everyone does it and it seems to work.
  4. No, the flush valve bypasses the vaporizer and only delivers straight oxygen to the patient.
  5. B and D
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