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Taking the Postal Service Exams

If you want to get a job with the US Postal Service (USPS), you will need to pass at least one postal service exam. The most common requirement is postal exam 473/473E, which is required for more than 90% of jobs in the postal service. There are also various other exams that are required for specialist jobs. Proper exam preparation and study can to help improve your chances of passing all the required exams so you can start your new career in USPS.


Postal Exam 473/473E

If you want to be a city carrier, mail handler, processing clerk, sales or distribution associate, or rural carrier associate, then you need to pass postal exam 473, or its updated electronic version, 473E. Whereas 473 is a pencil-and-paper test, 473E is completely computerized. To be properly prepared, you should use an electronic practice test program so you know what to expect.
There are two sessions that you must attend to take postal exam 473E. Session one is a questionnaire designed to assess your personality and experience, whereas session two tests your ability to carry out tasks that would be required of you if you were to become a postal service employee. These include address checking, completing postal forms, and memorizing delivery routes.
Completing all these tasks will be tricky if you have never seen USPS forms before. The wording can be confusing, and you only have 15 minutes to answer 30 questions. In addition, you will also need to develop some effective memorization strategies to pass the memory test section of 473E.
More than 80% of applicants fail 473E due to poor preparation, but if you invest the time, you can master it. Practice questions can help you to get to grips with the format and content of the exam so that you can get started on your new career in the US postal service.

Other Postal Exams

Postal Exam 710

Postal exam 710 is used to test applications for data conversion operator jobs. It tests your ability to sequence and compare data, as well as checking your spelling, grammar, reading, and mathematical skills. You will be asked to place items into alphabetically or numerically ordered lists - which sounds easy, right? The tough part is that you'll have to complete 20 of these questions in just 3 minutes. Practicing before the test can help you to hone your skills to give you the best possible chance of success.  

Postal Exam 955

Postal exam 955 is a test that you'll have to take if you want to fill a technical role in USPS. The first part tests your knowledge of electronics and other technical fields, while the second assesses your spatial awareness by testing your ability to visualize 3D objects.  

Postal Exam 230/238/240

These exams are required for driving jobs in USPS. They are composed of questions which simply ask you to give information about your driving record and experience. If you have any driving convictions, you must declare them honestly, or risk losing your job if they are later found out.  

Postal Exam 916

If you are applying for a custodial maintenance job, you will need to take postal exam 916. It tests your vocabulary, safety knowledge, and ability to follow written instructions.  

Postal Exam 943/944

The US Postal Service employs a number of automotive mechanics and technicians to keep its fleet of delivery trucks on the road. To become a USPS automotive mechanic, you only need to take exam 943, while automotive technicians, who handle more complex repairs, must take both exams 943 and 944.  

Studying for USPS Exams

USPS exams are notoriously tough. Taking the time to study thoroughly for postal exams will increase your chance of passing and landing your dream job in the US Postal Service.    

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