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Speedy Proofreading for Essay Questions

Preparing for an exam can be a bit overwhelming, especially if there is going to be an essay portion on the exam or places where you have to write out answers rather than simply coloring in a circle. Part of the stress that comes with taking a major test such as AP Exams,  the GRE or the SAT is that you want to be able to reread what you've written to ensure it's correct without running out of time. You can proofread your work very quickly if you learn a few study tips to make it an easy process.


Know yourself

Take the time to learn which words you often misspell and practice writing them properly again and again. When the test day arrives, you will be able to glance over the page very quickly to spot the words that you commonly misspell and see if any of them need to be corrected.


Take the Time to Write Clearly

Do not be tempted to rush through the exam with horrible handwriting. Even through you finish the test, if the work is not legible, it will be counted as wrong. When you go to proofread your work, it will be easier to read neat penmanship and can help you to rest assured that you did a great job on the test when you are done. When doing tests electronically, it is important to take the time to read all answer options available to you to ensure that you do not miss an answer that is more appropriate than another answer is.


Learn How to Edit Your Work

Not every answer needs to be a novel when you are working on an essay question. Do not make the mistake of spending so much time on one question that you end up running  out of time on the others. It is important to be concise, to the point and well organized in your writing when you take an exam. This will allow you to have plenty of time to answer all of the other questions and cut down on the amount of time you need for proofreading and the amount of potential errors you could have.


Compare Your Spellings with the Test Questions’

Some words that you will find on the MCAT or industry-specific certification exam may be very difficult to spell. If you find that you are not able to remember how to spell all of the scientific terminology, you can glance over the test questions and the spelling of the words will more than likely be somewhere on the paper. If you feel that this tactic will take you too much time, you can write any questionable words on the edge of the paper and as you answer the test, you can compare the spelling of the words in the questions found in the test. This is a quick and easy way to ensure that you are spelling things properly and are not going to get docked points for simple errors that could have been easily avoided.


Practice Makes Perfect

Finally, create a few practice tests to take and practice your writing and proofreading while being timed. If you are not creative enough to come up with a test on your own or simply do not have the time, there are many books that have great practice tests for just about any major standardized test or certification exam. Also, has a wide variety of practice tests for free online.

After taking a few practice tests, you will be prepared for the type of writing questions that could be asked, which will help you move faster through the exam as well as help you feel more confident. Also, it will give you ample time to review your work and ensure everything is right. You will also be able to know which questions you often have a hard time answering properly and should go back and proofread on the test day. Also, you will be more familiar with the terminology and vocabulary after practice and more likely to spell those words correctly and draw upon technical terms in your writing.

If you are taking an electronic test, it is important to review your answers before going on to the next portion of the exam, as you most likely won't be allowed to return to that question.

Good luck!

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