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EMT Resource Guide

One of the most popular PracticeQuiz exams is EMT-B. We love this EMT resource section from EMTExamAce: // Topics covered include: Becoming an EMT So You Want to Be an EMT 10 signs you should be an EMT How to become an EMT EMT-Basic as a first step to a career in EMT The NREMT exam registration process Test-taking tips for those taking the EMT-B certification exam License Renewal Process for EMT Basic About EMT Employment Job Prospects and Expectations as an EMT Why the demand for EMTs is increasing Why More EMTs Are Being Hired Full-Time, Not Part-Time Overview of the EMT career Overview of the EMT career: Job hours of the EMT Overview of the EMT career: What kinds of situations do EMTs encounter? Overview of the EMT career: Where and how to find work with EMT-certification Now what?: A post-certification series After EMT-basic certifiction: Salary of EMT-basic After EMT-Basic Certification: Careers besides EMT for the EMT-Basic Certified After EMT-basic certifiction: Education requirements of EMT-basic Important 2014 EMT info Changes/Transitions to EMT Levels by 2014 12 Additions to the 2014 EMT Scope of Practice   EEA had previously been kind enough to provide Practice Quiz with a few $10 off discount codes. Active and Retired Military Personnel: VETERAN Civil Servants: CIVILSERVANT Teachers: TEACHER Students: STUDENT (You’re here studying, aren’t you?  I think that makes you a student!)