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Real Estate Agent / Broker / Salesperson Exam Prep Question List

1 Which of the following is not a characteristic of an easement:
  1. It is an interest which can be protected against interference by third persons
  2. It is capable of being created by a conveyance
  3. It is considered a non-possessory interest
  4. It is an interest that can be terminated at will by the processor of the land
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3 The term “periodic rate cap” refers to:
  1. an adjustable rate mortgage
  2. a limit on the amount the interest rate can increase or decrease during any one adjustment period
  3. conventional fixed-rate loans
  4. both A and B
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4 The distinguishing characteristic of a real estate option when compared to a conventional contract of sale is its:
  1. Lack of mutuality in obligation
  2. Irrevocability
  3. Mutuality of contract
  4. Both “1” and “2”
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5 The hiring of a specialist in property management would be justified by:
  1. Absentee ownership
  2. Technological advances in building concepts
  3. Vacancy factor high than normal
  4. Urbanization
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