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NYSTCE Physical Education (76) Exam Prep

1 The practice of developing and designing a physical education course for learners with disabilities is known as:
  1. Targeted physical education
  2. Adapted physical education
  3. Specialized physical education
  4. None of the above
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2 When guiding a group through a track and field warm-up, why would you leave out static stretching?
  1. You wouldn’t leave out static stretching, it is necessary for injury prevention
  2. Static stretching takes up a lot of time
  3. Static stretching has been shown to reduce performance
  4. None of the above
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4 Keep Away, or Monkey in the Middle, is a game where:
  1. Two teams play each other at dodgeball, with one neutral player in the middle
  2. Players chase each other on a slippery surface
  3. A designated player in the middle keeps the ball away from other players
  4. A designated player in the middle tries to intercept the ball being passed around by the other players
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5 In soccer, a player may use his head to hit the ball:
  1. Only in the attacking half of the field
  2. Only in the defending end of the field
  3. Only in opposing penalty area
  4. Anywhere on the field
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