NREMT Paramedic Certification Exam - Question List

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1. When air or gas is present in the pleural cavity of the chest, it can lead to a life threatening condition. If this condition is prolonged, it can lead to a more serious life threatening condition. Which of the following terms matches the descriptions, respectively?
  1. Hemothorax, Pneumothorax.
  2. Pneumothorax, Hemothorax.
  3. Pneumothorax, Tension pneumothorax.
  4. Tension pneumothorax, pneumothorax.
2. When osculating the lung(s) in areas of a tension pneumothorax, which of the following lung sounds are likely to be heard?
  1. Wheezing and cracking.
  2. High-pitched whistle.
  3. Labored breath sounds.
  4. Absent or decreased breath sounds.

Which of the following signs and symptoms is not present in a tension pneumothorax?

  1. Hypertension
  2. Dyspnea
  3. Jugular venous distension
  4. Subcutaneous emphysema
4. What is the ideal flow rate of a non-rebreather facemask?
  1. 2 liters/min
  2. 5 liters/min
  3. 10 liters/min
  4. 15 liters/ min

What is the most efficient maneuver to open an airway of an unconscious patient who has suffered a head or spinal injury?

  1. Head-tilt-chin lift
  2. Modified jaw thrust
  3. Inserting an OPA
  4. Increasing the oxygen flow rate

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