NCLEX-RN Exam Practice - Question List

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You have delegated care of a patient in restraints to a nursing assistant. How often should the nursing assistant inspect skin integrity for this patient?

  1. Every 30 minutes
  2. Every 2 hours
  3. Every 3 hours
  4. Every 4 hours
2. You are working in the emergency department and find out that a tornado has hit the local area. Numerous casualties are being sent to the emergency department. What action should you take at this time?
  1. Prepare the triage room.
  2. Obtain additional supplies.
  3. Activate the agency disaster plan.
  4. Call in additional staff.
3. You receive an order for 1000 mL of normal saline over 12 hours. The drop factor is 15 drops per 1 mL. You prepare to set the flow rate at how many drops per minute?
  1. 15 drops a minute
  2. 17 drops a minute
  3. 21 drops a minute
  4. 23 drops a minute

You are preparing to administer an intravenous dose of 400,000 units of penicillin G benzathine (Bicillin). The 10 mL ampule label reads penicillin G benzathine 300,000 units per mL. You prepare to administer how much of the medication?

  1. 1.3 mL
  2. 1.5 mL
  3. 10 mL
  4. 13 mL

You are preparing to give potassium chloride 30 mEq in 1000 ml of normal saline over 10 hours. The medication label reads 40 mEq per 20 mL. How many milliliters of potassium chloride do you need to administer the correct dose?

  1. 10 mL
  2. 15 mL
  3. 20 mL
  4. 50 mL

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