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DSST Business Law II Exam Prep

2 A creditor is:
  1. Someone who owes a debt.
  2. Someone appointed to oversee a bankruptcy estate.
  3. Someone who has a credit card.
  4. Someone who has filed for bankruptcy.
  5. Someone to whom a debt is owed.
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4 Implied agency is also known as:
  1. Express agency.
  2. Authorized agency.
  3. Incidental agency.
  4. Granted agency.
  5. Accidental agency.
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5 Which of the following types of contracts are subject to the Statute of Frauds?
  1. Contracts for the lease of automobiles
  2. Contracts entered into by minors
  3. Contracts involving more than $50
  4. Contracts involving the sale or lease of land
  5. Contracts for the sale of intellectual property
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