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CPCE Exam Prep Question List

1 Using motivation from ‘within’ is called ______________.
  1. Inside motivation
  2. Interior motivation
  3. Intrinsic motivation
  4. Idealistic motivation
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2 Sweeny had three other actions, besides intrinsic or extrinsic motivation, to form a therapeutic relationship. Choose the one that is listed below.
  1. Focus on the client instead of outside people.
  2. Focus on the present instead of the past or the future.
  3. Focus on the humane traits instead of the inhumane.
  4. None of the above
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What is extrinsic motivation?

  1. Motivation that comes from other people
  2. Motivation that comes from outside sources
  3. Motivation to do anything other than for basic survival
  4. None of the above
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4 How could socioeconomics affect the outcome of therapeutic counseling?
  1. Lack of transportation could affect the outcome
  2. Lack of intrinsic motivation could affect the outcome
  3. Lack of cultural norms for entering therapy could affect the outcome
  4. Both A and C
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5 There are five types of psychotherapeutic alliances. Pick two from the list below.
  1. I-You relationships, Nonworking alliance
  2. Transpersonal relationships, I-You relationships
  3. Working alliances, You relationships
  4. Reparative relationships, Inter-transpersonal relationships
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