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Commercial Drivers License Exam Prep

1 In terms of exhaust system inspections, which of the following statements is NOT true?
  1. Drivers should inspect exhaust system as part of their pre-trip inspection.
  2. Small exhaust leaks do not need to be reported or corrected.
  3. Exhaust systems must be securely fastened.
  4. None of the above
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2 When performing an inspection on the leaf springs, drivers should:
  1. Not perform this check, mechanics will.
  2. Ignore cracks and breaks in leaf springs, as this is normal.
  3. Look for broken or cracked leaf springs.
  4. Not report cracks or breaks on their inspection report.
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3 When performing ABS inspections on trailers, the yellow light on the left rear of the trailer should do what to indicate ABS is working properly?
  1. Come on and stay on.
  2. Come on and then blink.
  3. Come on and then go out.
  4. Do nothing; it only lights when there is a problem.
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4 While on the road, commercial drivers need to check their mirrors often for which of the following conditions?
  1. Vehicles that may be on the sides of your vehicle
  2. Vehicles that may be in back of your vehicle
  3. Vehicles that may be passing you
  4. To ensure it is safe to make a lane change
  5. All of the above
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