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CLEP Biology Practice Exam

2 Which of the following matches a cell organelle with its function?
  1. chloroplast-movement
  2. nucleus-cell regulation
  3. vacuole-energy production
  4. mitochondrion-photosynthesis
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4 Until recently, the myrtle warbler and the Audubon’s warbler were thought to be separate species of birds because the males have very different appearances. Which of the following observations most likely led to the reclassification of these warblers as one species?
  1. The myrtle warbler and the Audubon’s warbler have the
    same diet.
  2. The myrtle warbler and the Audubon’s warbler lay the same
    number of eggs.
  3. The myrtle warbler and the Audubon’s warbler have overlapping geographical ranges.
  4. The myrtle warbler and the Audubon’s warbler interbreed and
    produce fertile offspring.
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5 In the deserts of the southwestern United States, rock formations made from lava flows are found scattered across the sand. The rock pocket mouse, which has dark fur, lives on the black lava rocks. The Apache pocket mouse, which has light fur, lives on the tan sand.Which of the following statements best explains how these two types of mice could have evolved from a common ancestor?
  1. Individual mice changed their fur color to escape their predators.
  2. Natural selection favored different fur colors in the different habitats.
  3. The emigration of mice changed the gene pools in the original population.
  4. The original population of mice spread out geographically to relieve overcrowding.
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