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Child Psychology Exam Prep

1 Anxiety disorders are those in which anxiety becomes expressed somatically-there are physical symptoms that are disproportionally reactive to events. Panic disorder is one specific type of anxiety disorder. Which of the following statements is not true of panic disorder?
  1. It is characterized by repeated and unexpected panic
  2. Agoraphobia is sometimes a comorbid condition
  3. It can be a serious problem for children
  4. There is a genetic predisposition for the disorder
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4 A young child who is emotionally abused __________.
  1. will reach for things that don’t belong to them
  2. will confuse teachers with primary caregivers
  3. will display sleep and speech disorders
  4. will form secure attachments with primary caregivers
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5 Which of the following statements about projective tests is the most accurate?
  1. Projective tests are used more commonly as a psychological assessment tool with adults than with children.
  2. Projective tests can be administered by a teacher or social worker when no clinical psychologist is available.
  3. What makes projective tests subjective rather than objective is exclusively the open-ended nature of the responses, not the scoring standards.
  4. Projective tests are preferred over objective tests as an assessment tool in the differential diagnosis of severe mental illness.
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