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CCA Medical Coding Professional Free Exam Prep Question List

1 When you see the symbol # in front of a CPT code, what does it mean?
  1. That the code is listed out of numerical order
  2. That the code is listed in numerical order
  3. That the code used to be listed with a different number
  4. That the code description has changed
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3 Why are ICD-9 codes necessary to include on a claim?
  1. They report the procedures performed on the patient
  2. They are the services that are charged for on the claim
  3. They indicate the medical necessity of the service
  4. They indicate the code linkage on the claim
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4 What does HIPAA stand for?
  1. Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act
  2. Health Insurance Protection and Accountability Association
  3. Health Insurance Post-Payment Auditing Association
  4. Health Insurance Accountability and Auditing Act
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5 In an outpatient setting, what is the primary diagnosis?
  1. The reason the patient came in for the visit
  2. The diagnosis code that the doctor lists first
  3. The problem that causes the patient the most pain
  4. The diagnosis that will result in the most reimbursement
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