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AP US History Exam Prep

1 What did the United States do in response to Japan’s invasion of Manchuria in 1931?
  1. The United States sent General MacArthur to lead American troops in the Pacific.
  2. The United States publicly stated that they disagreed with Japan’s actions.
  3. The United States sent the ship Panay to the coat of Japan.
  4. The United States did nothing.
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2 What did the American colonists develop as a result of the French and Indian War (1754-1763)?
  1. A desire to be an ally to Spain.
  2. A strong sense of self-confidence
  3. A very hostile attitude toward the Native Americans in and near the colonies
  4. The desire to create a strong army
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3 Which of the following is true about the major crops grown in the Southern colonies?
  1. The crops depended upon small farmers as the major producers.
  2. The crops were mostly used within the colonies.
  3. The crops were sold as exports.
  4. The crops increased the number of indentured servants to fill the labor demands.
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4 What was the Middle Passage?
  1. How the colonists transported rum across the Atlantic from the Caribbean to Africa.
  2. The mass conversion of the colonies’ population to Puritanism.
  3. The term that refers to the Pilgrims crossing the Atlantic from Europe to the New World.
  4. The harrowing journey of African Slaves to the New World.
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5 Which of the following battles was considered to be the turning point of the American Revolution?
  1. Battle of Bunker Hill
  2. Battle of Lexington and Concord
  3. Battle of Ticonderoga
  4. Battle of Saratoga
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