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PA Recertifying Exam PARNE Practice Exam Question List

1 A woman with arthritis has Heberden’s nodes. Which of the following statements is the most accurate statement about this deformity?
  1. Herberden’s nodes occur in rheumatoid arthritis
  2. Heberden’s nodes are located on the distal interphalangeal joints
  3. Heberden’s nodes are located on the proximal interphalangeal joints
  4. Heberden’s nodes are associated with ulnar deviation of the wrists
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3 On assessment, a man diagnosed with gout has urate crystal deposits in the forearms, ears, hands, knees, feet, and Achilles tendon. Which of the following mechanisms is believed to cause gout?
  1. A defect in purine metabolism causing the underproduction of uric acid
  2. Overproduction of calcium
  3. Overproduction of uric acid
  4. Increased elimination of uric acid
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5 Spinal cord injury involving the C4 results in the following signs and symptoms except:
  1. Complete paralysis of the legs and arms
  2. Breathing is possible without a ventilator
  3. Finger, wrist, or elbow flexion and extension are possible
  4. Shoulder movement is limited
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